Monday, March 7, 2016

iPhone & Android Bitcoin Apps (Bitcoins On The Run)

Here is a list of the best iPhone and Android Bitcoin Apps I have been able to find.  I use them when I'm bored or on the go as they don't pay a great deal but they are great to fill your wallet once a week and take you earnings and deposit them into your cloud mine as an easy weekly increase to up your mining speed which is what I do and personally recommend to all users.  These apps are heavily based on video marketing so be prepared for the videos to roll.  With that being said they are easy user friendly apps and even entertaining as they are mostly game or chance based.  i receive steady weekly payouts from these apps and have been very satisfied with the daily performance. Please find my recommended list below.

Abundance -

Block Chain Game -

Bitcoin Aliens -

The three listed above are through the same company and track all your gaming as a single user.  They have other apps available as well.

Free Bitcoin - https??

The one listed above is a faucet.  It is video marketing based.
As always thank you for supporting my blog and GOOD LUCK BITCOINERS!!!

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